Press Releases


Press Releases


Recycling Fact Sheet


Communities are making big deposits into Ronnie Banks!

Schools, churches boost funds by collecting many tons of waste paper

Turning a good reputation into benefits for everyone

How recycling boosts growth in jobs and factories

Recycling has been transformed from a worthy environmentally-focused activity into a fully-fledged business sector that provides jobs for thousands and generates billions for the economy every year.

How to make something from nothing

Now’s the time to get into recycling, says Mpact

Recycling is just about the only way we know to turn something seemingly worth nothing into something of substantial value in terms of jobs, economic growth and, of course, the environment.

Ronnie Recycler shows kids how to be green

Ronnie Recycler is the cartoon-like character that visits schools to help learners understand the benefits of recycling and to encourage them to collect waste paper and cardboard.