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Press Releases



According to Mpact Recycling starting a school recycling programme need not be an overwhelming task, it simply requires a bit of planning. “Paper can be both reused and recycled. By using every sheet on both sides, using the reverse side as scrap paper or for making copies, a school’s paper cost could be reduced considerably. Other paper-based materials such as juice and milk cartons from the tuck shop also add up, making carton recycling a smart addition to any school’s recycling programme and a great way to keep cartons out of landfills,” says Donna Noble, Communications Manager of Mpact Recycling. “On top of that, by getting involved with Mpact’s Ronnie Recycler programme your school can raise funds while teaching your learners about recycling and environmental awareness.


Home is where you can make the biggest difference to the amount of waste that you recycle. “South Africans are now able to recycle milk and juice cartons, making a sizeable difference to the quantity of material that can be removed from the household rubbish bin for recycling. This means that today a large variety of paper-based packaging materials are recyclable, simplifying things even further for the consumer,” says Donna-Mari Noble, Communications Manager of Mpact Recycling.

Tetra Pak, Mpact Recycling, and Food & Trees for Africa collaborate for #67Minutes

Tetra Pak and Mpact Recycling, in partnership with Food & Trees for Africa, have planted 54 trees between Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban to celebrate Mandela Day. Employees from Tetra Pak and Mpact Recycling planted 18 trees at each of the three sites on Wednesday, July 20 in Johannesburg and Pinetown, and Thursday, July 21 in Cape Town.

Mpact’s female business partners take centre stage this Women’s Month

In this Women’s Month in which South Africa pays special tribute to the women of the country, Mpact Recycling is more than ever encouraging women to seize the opportunities that recycling presents for them to create successful businesses and careers.

Recycling your beverage cartons helps save the environment

Did you know that the paper cartons used to package fruit juice, milk, iced tea, flavoured milk, wine, custard, and dry goods like muesli and pet food are recyclable and can be included in your green Mpact Ronnie bags for Kerbside collection?