Press Releases


Press Releases


Schools urged to pick up pace of paper collecting

With September heralding the onset of spring, the spotlight is firmly focused on the environment. Not only does nature begin to renew itself but South Africa’s annual Clean-up & Recycle SA Week, which runs from 11 to 17 September and incorporates Recycling Day SA on 16 September, highlights the need for everyone to protect the environment and recycle their waste.

Make recycling a daily habit

With South Africa’s population expected to increase to 59.5 million by 2020, the country needs to find sustainable ways to deal with the enormous amount of waste a growing population is expected to generate. It’s a problem government cannot solve on its own and requires commitment from every business, community and individual.

Used juice and milk cartons now recyclable in South Africa

Juice and milk cartons have long been one of the contributors to waste in South Africa’s landfill sites. In what is a major development for the South African paper and packaging recycling market, Mpact Recycling is pleased to announce that liquid cartons are now recyclable.

Ronnie Recycler delivers special treat to children at Troyeville Primary School

Children at Troyeville Primary School were delighted when Ronnie Recycler from Mpact Recycling visited them to give a talk about the importance of recycling and how the collection of recyclables can help their school raise funds.

Recycling - A Way For Women To Empower Themselves

Women who head up buy-back centres are some of the most committed players in the recycling industry. Their attention to detail, good housekeeping, on-site safety measures and marketing skills make them invaluable business partners for Mpact Recycling, which obtains recyclable material from them.