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Mpact Recycling supports SPCA/ Hospice this recycling week 2016

Mpact Recycling, part of the Mpact Group handed over a cheque to the value of R50 970 to the SPCA and Hospice on 12 September 2016 to benefit the organisations in what they do. The donation forms part of the Mpact Recycling offices programme where the monetary value attached to tonnages collected on behalf of offices is given to the SPCA and Hospice.

Donna-Mari Noble, Communications Manager, Mpact Recycling indicated that “By recycling, companies can lower their carbon footprint and help green South Africa. A business with 40 or more employees will generate a large amount of waste paper each month. Mpact Recycling can then come collect from your office. If you have less than 40 employees, your company can donate the paper to your local school or community paper bank as Mpact pays them on a rand-a-tonne basis for the materials collected from your office.”

Mpume Kumalo, Marketing Representative, Mpact Recycling asked the SPCA and Hospice beneficiaries what they intended to use the money for.

Alberton SPCA s Kingston Siziba said: "We have so many needs for the money. The funds received so far from Mpact Recycling have assisted us with a quarantine space for all new animals – to ensure they don’t contaminate the other animals. Every bit helps and we are thankful to you.” Joy Ruwodo from Hospice Wits explained, "We provide care, comfort and support to patients and families that are affected by life-threatening illnesses. All patients are assured of the best quality of life, dignity and strength through our programme of home based Palliative Care and two in-patient units.

The majority of our patients are indigent and unable to afford the costs associated with their care. By partnering with initiatives such as that run by Mpact Recycling, HospiceWits is able to receive funds which ensure that we never have to turn a patient away for financial reasons. It is for this reason that we are very proud to be a part of this project that affords many patients and families the dignity and quality of life that they desire at a most difficult time.”