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Mpact makes recycling at schools fun

According to Mpact Recycling starting a school recycling programme need not be an overwhelming task, it simply requires a bit of planning.

“Paper can be both reused and recycled. By using every sheet on both sides, using the reverse side as scrap paper or for making copies, a school’s paper cost could be reduced considerably. Other paper-based materials such as juice and milk cartons from the tuck shop also add up, making carton recycling a smart addition to any school’s recycling programme and a great way to keep cartons out of landfills,” says Donna Noble, Communications Manager of Mpact Recycling. “On top of that, by getting involved with Mpact’s Ronnie Recycler programme your school can raise funds while teaching your learners about recycling and environmental awareness.

Noble suggests a good first step is to appoint a green ambassador – either a teacher or a popular student who will be in charge of the school's recycling initiative. “This has proven to be a successful tool among the many schools we collect from. By involving the children as much as possible, it teaches them from an early age about taking care of their environment,” continues Noble.

“Schools can use a number of initiatives to motivate learners, parents, teachers and communities to collect paper every week. They could introduce a recycling art contest with the winners’ posters displayed around the school to promote recycling. These posters can then be published in the school’s newsletter or local newspapers. They could also celebrate National Recycling Day each September.”

Once a school is signed up on the Ronnie Recycler schools programme – they will begin on the bag system. Mpact Recycling will supply white bags which are collected once all the bags are full. The bags need to be placed in one central place on the centre's property for ease of collection.

Once your school has established itself with consistent tonnages, Mpact Recycling will then supply equipment in the form of Ronnie bank capable of holding between 350kg and 500kg when full.

The collection is an important aspect of recycling and Noble offers the following tips for efficient recycling. “Contact your nearest Mpact Recycling branch telephonically or via the website to book a collection once your bags or Ronnie bank is full. The more often your bags or bank are full, the more often you can book a collection and in turn, be paid for your collection efforts.”

To encourage recycling and awareness among schools, Mpact’s partnership with the Mrs South Africa pageant sees contestants reminding children that the more the country recycles, the more the environment is protected. “Our partnership with Mrs South Africa delivered great value in 2015. Annually the top 25 finalists are requested to educate school children on the benefits of recycling, and to help us to identify and include new communities and schools in our schools recycling project.”

Mpact Recycling has more than 2,000 paper banks located countrywide at schools and communities who recycle on a regular basis. In 2015, Mpact’s mascot, Ronnie Recycler visited 294 schools, with the recycling message reaching over 143,000 learners. Programmes such as these help Mpact Recycling reduce waste going into landfills through a growing culture of reducing, reusing and recycling.

“By addressing recycling at school level and teaching children from a young age that they can make a difference to their environment, we are shaping an important culture of recycling in this country and preserving our resources for future generations.”

If your school is located in an area where Mpact Recycling does not collect, call the toll-free number on 0800 022 112 to locate your nearest buy-back centre or dealer where you can drop off your recyclables. Additional information on our Ronnie Recycler programme can be found at concludes Noble.