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Recycling your beverage cartons helps save the environment

Did you know that the paper cartons used to package fruit juice, milk, iced tea, flavoured milk, wine, custard, and dry goods like muesli and pet food are recyclable and can be included in your green Mpact Ronnie bags for Kerbside collection?

You don’t need to worry if Mpact Recycling does not collect in your area; you can still play your part in saving the environment, by disposing of these, and all other recyclable paper products, in your nearest Ronnie Bank. This way you will also be helping your local school, church or community centre to raise funds through your donation.

Cartons come in all shapes and sizes and are generally filled with a variety of food and beverage contents; they are made up of 75% paperboard from certified and sustainably managed plantations to give them their form and strength. On the inside, they comprise thin layers of polyethylene and aluminium foil (poly/al) to keep food safe, seal in liquids and protect the contents from external moisture, oxygen and light without refrigeration. The caps on top are made of plastic.

Recycling your empty cartons is easy and only requires you to remove or lift the cap, rinse out the remaining contents with water, turn out the corners and flatten. You are now ready to place your cartons in the recycling bin.

After collection, Mpact Recycling processes the cartons through a special pulping process, where the paperboard reduces into a pulp and separates from the polyalu layer. The pulp is then used to make new paper-based products.

According to PRASA, for every one tonne of paper recycled, three cubic metres of landfill are saved and about twelve jobs created. Mpact Recycling managing director, John Hunt indicates “As the leading recycler of paper products in South Africa, we are excited to be working with Tetra Pak in our joint efforts to unlock and increase collections of used beverage cartons.”

“We collect approximately 500 000 tonnes per annum of recovered paper and plastic, and supply this recovered fibre to the Mpact Group’s paper mills and Mpact Polymers for processing into recycled-based cartonboard, containerboard and recycled PET for sale to South Africa’s packaging industry. This campaign of collecting cartons will help us increase the volume of recyclable material and help reduce waste going to landfill sites,” say Hunt.

“Tetra Pak South Africa is committed to increasing used beverage carton recycling across sub-Sahara Africa,” says Rodney Reynders, Cluster Leader Environment – Greater Middle East and Africa. “Our goal is to recycle 40% of all beverage cartons by 2020 globally, which will only be possible by collaborating and partnering with relevant stakeholders such as Mpact Recycling.”