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Mpact Recycling joins forces with HospiceWits to set up a community drop-off site in Houghton

Mpact Recycling joins forces with HospiceWits to set up a community drop-off site in Houghton

Leading recycling company in South Africa, Mpact Recycling, has joined forces with HospiceWits to encourage recycling at the HospiceWits site in Houghton. The company which procures waste in the form of white paper, cardboard and other grades of recyclables for its mills has been working closely within the communities it operates in.  The Recycling giant saw a great opportunity to connect with and celebrate the wonderful work HospiceWits does in our communities, and with recycling on the back-end of National Recycling Day on the 18th September 2020.

“Through our Ronnie Recycler programme, we continue to invest a lot of time and effort into education and awareness about recycling. As such, we often receive requests for more drop-off sites to make recycling a lot easier.  We are always on the look-out for new opportunities, to not only make recycling easier, but to assist Non-Profit Organisations, like HospiceWits, with their fundraising endeavours,” says Communications Manager for Mpact Recycling, Donna-Mari Noble.

Hospice Wits CEO, Jacqui Kaye says, “HospiceWits is proud to be in partnership with Mpact Recycling who has been supporting us for many years. The new project will assist in raising much-needed funds for the support of our home care patients. We invite our friends and neighbours to make use of our new site at 50, 2nd Avenue, Houghton, from 30th September 2020. Drop-off times will be 6am to 6pm, seven days a week, and safe parking and security is provided.”

Mpact Recycling has supplied HospiceWits with bag stands for the following grades:

  • White office paper (computer printer paper, printed or unprinted, white envelopes. Ink and staples on the paper are not a problem)
  • Brown corrugated cardboard boxes (must be flattened)
  • TetraPak (flattened milk and juice cartons, with the cap on)

Please be sure to keep your paper recyclables clean, dry and separated. We have bins for the different grades of material and will add to the types of recyclables we can collect as we go along.
HospiceWits will also be accepting donations of books, clothing, shoes, toys and all other pre-loved household items in good condition that will be sold in our Charity Stores.. Mpact Recycling has provided wheelie bins for these items.

The South African forest products sector, which includes paper recycling in the value chain has, through its affiliation with global organisations such as the United Nations, committed to "building back better", under the hashtag #BuildBackBetter. The world today, as well as post-Covid world, is very different to what we know. It's an opportunity for companies and citizens to do things better; not to go back to normal. 

As always, please remain vigilant during this time, wear your mask, maintain social distancing and ensure you sanitise / wash your hands regularly.


If you would like to get your school or community involved in the Ronnie Recycler programme in Gauteng, please contact Mpact Recycling Thulisa Park office on 011 538-8600 or follow Mpact Recycling on any of the social media channels.