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Mpact Recycling in partnership with Mix Steel Dealers and Recycling support 100 waste pickers in Elsie’s Rivier

Leading recycling company in South Africa, Mpact Recycling, joined forces with Mix Steel Dealers and Recycling to support 100 waste pickers in Elsie’s Rivier, Western Cape this week. The company which procures waste in the form of white paper, cardboard and other grades of recyclables for its mills has been working closely within the communities it operates in, to provide assistance in the form of food parcels.

‘When Vincent Govindasamy from Mix Steel Dealers and Recycling approached us in early May – we jumped at the opportunity,’ indicates Shireen Brophy, Western Cape Regional Rep, Mpact Recycling. “We buy recyclables from Vincent’s- Mix Steal Dealers and Recycling’s Buy Back Centre on a daily basis and knew it would be the perfect vehicle to get directly to the needy in this community.”

Vincent Govindasamy, notes ‘When I approached the team from Mpact Recycling, I indicated that my buyback centre is supported predominantly by waste-pickers. Due to the lock-down that has been in effect, the waste-pickers have lost their means of income to support their families. We have tried to alleviate some of their problems with food parcels but it was near impossible to assist the majority of them.

It was during this exercise that I realized the gravity of the situation that the needy people of Elsie’s River were enduring. The plight of the younger children and elderly encouraged me to seek assistance to help alleviate some of the hunger issues that engulfs this community.’

‘I just want to thank the Mpact Recycling team – these food parcels will go a long way. Knowing that we could lean in on you at a time like this – just makes me so proud to be associated with your company,’ concludes Vincent.


If you would like to support Vincent Govindasamy or other buy-back centres like these in the Western Cape please contact Mpact Recycling Parow office on 021 931-5106.