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How we can help

We can help your company comply with environmental legislation.

We do this by disposing of waste in a responsible manner while reducing your contribution to the landfills.

Mpact Recycling will do an assessment of your business needs in terms of the quantity and type of waste and tailor a programme to your specific requirements.

Our investment

Mpact Recycling will provide personnel at the premises who will:

  • coordinate the collection of the bins and cages at the site, and
  • sort the paper, plastics, metals and other material on site

We will also provide an account manager who will spend time getting to know your operation and tailoring your service and equipment accordingly.

Mpact Recycling also provides a free confidential shredding service at our site for your confidential office documents. This service can also be used to shred printed material in a secure manner. You will be issued with a certificate of proof.

Mpact Recycling has strict SHEQ standards and policies that are enforced.

Help create jobs

Mpact Recycling is dedicated to creating employment in communities for all projects we undertake. Instead of outsourcing staff, we will employ local community members to be in charge of the material sorting and packing.

Community members receive training on how to sort the material according to the different grades and they will receive payment for the material they sort at a rate per ton.

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