Small Business

Recycling work also provides income opportunities for around 100,000 people many of whom are entrepreneurs and small business owners that rely on sustained volumes of recycled material to earn a living.

Mpact Recycling is working with entrepreneurs to set up small businesses that not only support the planet but contribute to job creation.

Waste traders/ Trolley-preneurs – who are often seen dragging trolleys piled high with waste paper, plastic, tin and glass – are an important aggregator of waste for the recycling industry and are a crucial part of Mpact’s value chain. These traders deliver recyclables to buy-back centres on a regular basis.

Local entrepreneurs also help collect recyclables for companies like Mpact Recycling.

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Community Centres

The broader community can benefit from Ronnie Banks. Igloo-shaped banks are placed throughout the community at churches, community centres and charity organisations. Support your local church, community centre, or charity by depositing paper in the Ronnie Bank.

The community programme allows communities to raise funds by recycling paper. 


Our schools paper pick-up programme allows schools to raise funds while educating learners on recycling and environmental awareness.

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South Africa’s legislation encourages companies and industries to collectively plan the management of their products once they become waste and to collectively set targets for waste reduction, recycling and re-use.

South Africa supports the waste hierarchy in its approach to waste management, by promoting cleaner production, waste minimisation, reuse, recycling and waste treatment. Disposal is seen as a last resort in the management of waste.


An average office generates around 1kg of waste a day and almost all of this paper can be recycled.


According to the City of Joburg, each person produces 1,2 kilograms of waste every day*. Bearing in mind that there are approximately 3,2 million people in the Ekurhuleni municipality alone, that is nearly 1,4 million tonnes of waste a year – four times the weight of the Empire State Building, 55 times the weight of the Statue of Liberty and 150 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower! Our kerbside paper pick-up is a regular paper collection service that collects unwanted magazines, newspapers, cardboard cartons and all forms of paper packaging directly from your homes in designated areas in Gauteng.