Kerbside campaignMpact Recycling recently launched its 2018 Kerbside Campaign, which raises recycling awareness, through educating and engaging South Africans from all walks of life on the environmental and socio-economic benefits of recycling household waste.

Ronnie green bags for paper were dropped off at residences within City of Johannesburg, City of Tshwane and Ekurhuleni along with calendars highlighting collection days in their area.  The pamphlets also explain to residents what is suitable for recycling and how to do so, leaving the green bags out for Mpact drivers to collect. 

Kerbside campaign

Ronnie Recycler, the Mpact Recycling mascot, is calling on all residents to take part in the programme by recycling the unwanted paper they have in the home. This can include old letters, photocopying paper, newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, cereal and soap boxes, books and envelopes, as well as flattened cardboard boxes and now recently, also liquid packaging in the form of milk and juice cartons such as Tetra Pak.

Kerbside campaign

Items that cannot be recycled include polystyrene containers, yoghurt cartons, sweet and chip wrappers, blueprint paper, cigarette butts, carbon paper, tissues and paper towels, post-it notes and waxed cartons, such as frozen fish cartons. These items generally contain plastics, grease and other compounds that cannot be recycled; and placing these in your Ronnie Green Bags means that other useful paper could become contaminated.

The green bags are collected on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and a new green bag is left in its place for the next cycle. If Mpact Recycling does not collect in your area you are encouraged to visit the Ronnie Bank search page to locate your nearest Ronnie Bank for the convenient disposal of your paper recycling. In this way you will be helping your local school, church or community centre to raise funds through your donation.

Mpact Recycling’s kerbside collection service is provided at no cost to households and has been running for over twenty years. The waste paper goes to Mpact’s paper mills for processing into recycled-based cartonboard and containerboard for sale to South Africa’s packaging industry.

Kerbside campaign

John Hunt, managing director of Mpact Recycling says, “Unwanted paper and paper products accumulating in households represents a fantastic opportunity to grow paper recycling in South Africa. By taking part in our kerbside collections you help us expand this important initiative of which one of the biggest benefits is that you end up reducing the amount of materials going to landfill. Remember that one tonne of paper equates to three cubic metres of landfill space being taken up, which can be saved through recycling.”

As a company, Mpact Recycling is making an important contribution to the reduction of waste going to landfill sites and to the recycling of paper waste into suitable raw material to re-enter the paper manufacturing process. Mpact has processed an unprecedented 600,000 tonnes of paper and plastic bottles of in 2017.

Catch Ronnie Recycler at your local shopping mall:

29, 30 July 2018 Brackengate
1 September 2018 Park Meadows
2 September 2018 Kensington Spring Fair

Upcoming mall activations:

  • Southgate
  • The Glen
  • Columbine Square
  • Columbine Crossing Shopping Centre
  • Mall Of The South
  • Glenvista Shopping Centre
  • Panorama Shopping Centre
  • Comaroview Shopping Centre
  • Mondeor Village