Press Releases


Press Releases


Paper recycling at home will directly reduce impact on landfill sites, increase employment

“If you’re new to recycling initiatives, then paper is the best place to start,” says John Hunt, managing director of Mpact Recycling.

South African paper recycling recovery rate improving, but more to be done

The volume of paper recovered for recycling in South Africa has increased by almost a third over the past decade and could be 63% by 2017, according to statistics from the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa.

Mpact Recycling: working with local government to drive job growth via recycling

Mpact Recycling is partnering with South African municipalities to increase recycling, creating jobs and reducing the strain on landfill sites.

Mpact Recycling’s Kerbside Paper Pick Up Project

Simply put your Paper and Cardboard into your Ronnie Bag (If you don't have one, stack your paper & cardboard under a brick) and leave it on your Kerbside pavement before 7:30am on your collection day.

Recycling key to sustainability in South Africa

The recycling industry plays a vital role in sustainable development in South Africa, particularly with respect to the environment and job creation.