Press Releases


Press Releases


Your cool drink bottle is not trash, and here is why

Mpact Recycling has called upon consumers to take greater care when disposing of their refuse. “We urge consumers to separate recyclable plastic bottles and other recyclable items at home instead of relying on recyclers to do so at landfill. By that time the plastic is often too contaminated with items like soil to be recycled,” says Ronald Fairbanks, General Manager: Mpact Polymers.

Recycle and avoid an unEarthly hangover this festive season

The 2016 festive season is well under way, albeit toned down somewhat from its usual excesses due to the current economic environment. It is however, still the perfect time to pay greater attention to the way we use the planet’s natural resources.

How do I recycle?

Most people agree that recycling is important and must be done in their homes and at work, having already accepted that pollution and climate change rank among some of the serious challenges facing our planet.

Mpact Recycling supports SPCA/ Hospice this recycling week 2016

Mpact Recycling, part of the Mpact Group handed over a cheque to the value of R50 970 to the SPCA and Hospice on 12 September 2016 to benefit the organisations in what they do. The donation forms part of the Mpact Recycling offices programme where the monetary value attached to tonnages collected on behalf of offices is given to the SPCA and Hospice.

Businesses can work for a cleaner, greener future with Mpact Recycling

A workplace recycling programme is easy to set up and is an essential part of today’s socially aware business. We are all mindful of the damage that not recycling does to our environment, so why aren’t all businesses participating in recycling programmes? Time? Space? Cost? Convenience?