Press Releases


Press Releases


Reduce your carbon footprint this festive season

“With the end of the year looming, many individuals, households and businesses begin to file, archive and clean out cupboards and storerooms to make space for the new year. These efforts often generate large amounts of unwanted paper. Couple this with the extra packaging and wrapping from festive gifts and season celebrations and you have yourself a stack of paper waste,” says Managing Director of Mpact Recycling, John Hunt.

Ronnie Recycler delivers special treat to children at Troyeville Primary School

Children at Troyeville Primary School were delighted when Ronnie Recycler from Mpact Recycling visited them to give a talk about the importance of recycling and how the collection of recyclables can help their school raise funds.

South Africa needs you to recycle

Clean-up Week is around the corner and it is time to ask ourselves if we are doing our bit to preserve the environment and make sure as little refuse as possible goes to South Africa’s (SA) strained landfill sites.

Waste management operation spreads positive environmental message in Joburg’s inner city

Environmental educators at Okuhle Waste Management Services have reached out to 5,200 households in Joubert Park and Hillbrow to talk about the social and economic benefits of recycling and creating a cleaner, more beautiful environment.

Start your own workplace recycling programme

Does your business have a recycling programme? If not, isn’t it time you put one into place? As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, organisations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate how they are contributing to a cleaner and safer space for their employees and the communities they operate in.