Save your recyclables. They are full of value.

When you save your recyclables, rather than trashing them, you invest in a better South Africa for all.

Here’s why:

Recycling truck and collage [photo collage]
  1. Job creation

    Did you know that the recyclables we receive are part of a much bigger picture? The recycling industry provides income opportunities for 60 000 - 90 000 collectors alone. When you save for recycling rather than trashing, you create an income opportunity for a waste collector who can provide for his family and help reduce landfill waste. Every year, as part of the recycling value chain, waste pickers across South Africa contribute to collecting recyclable materials that would otherwise go into landfill or continue to harm our environment. Thanks to their efforts and others, Mpact Recycling collects over 600,000 tonnes per annum of recyclables.

  2. Contribution to our economy

    Did you know that your recycling bin is filled with packaging that has real value for SA’s economy? Not only can recyclables be turned into other products sold locally and internationally, it contributes R8.2 billion worth of resources into SA’s economy annually.

  3. Waste reduction & environmental benefits

    Imagine a world with no waste – where products get recycled to be used again or turned into other products that can be sold. This is a circular economy and it’s really important as it reduces trash going into landfills and reduces pressure on natural resources. It also creates income opportunities and boosts our economy.

  4. The circular economy

    You may be familiar with Mpact Recycling, but did you know that we’re just one of the companies that forms part of the Mpact Group? Our role is to ensure that your used packaging is received and safely deposited at the various mills where it can be recycled into new material. For example, we turn recovered paper into new and useful products for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Then, we move other recyclable materials, like PET plastic, glass and other materials on to our relevant industry partners to be recycled. This all helps us lead the way to a true Circular Economy.

  5. Recyclables that are designed to be made into other product

    On your next grocery run, be sure to choose packaging that’s designed for recycling. Like Mpact’s fruit and veg punnets. We’ve also ensured that they’re made from 100% recyclable materials and can be recycled again. They’re sleek, sturdy and sustainable. It’s one of the ways that we as a group are leading the way to a circular economy.

Press release: National Recycling Day urges South Africans to save their recyclables as they are full of value

Please join us by saving your recyclables and in so doing, we are able to create sustainable forms of employment, sustainable packaging and a sustainable future.

Together, let’s invest in a better South Africa.