Community Centres


Community Centres

The Links Bridge Club

147 - 10TH STREET


  • Run a paper drive every quarter
  • Start a community programme based on recycling
  • Print flyers and posters encouraging surrounding communities to bring paper every week
  • Start a community programme based on recycling
  • Get local newspapers to print articles and information about the centre's recycling efforts

Getting started


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The Mpact Recycling representative will sign you up and start the community centre off with:

  • Bags
    Bags at community centre [photo]

    Should you wish to recycle the centre's paper only and do not wish to do any form of a paper drive, we will supply you with 30 white bags which are collected once all 30 bags are full. The bags need to be placed in one central place on the centre's property for ease of collection.

  • Office recyclers
    Bin at community centre [photo]

    Mpact Recycling 'Ronnie recycler bins' are boxes that can be used in the offices and halls as an easy way for separation and storage of paper. These need to be collected from our offices.

  • Ronnie banks
    Bank at community centre [photo]

    Each Ronnie bank holds between 350kgs and 500kgs when full. A Ronnie bank is supplied to the community centre if the tonnages exceed a certain amount and the bags are filled too quickly. Mpact Recycling suggests an active paper drive is put in place to encourage community members to bring paper from home on a weekly basis.

    The Ronnie bank must be located in a place which allows easy access for a 16 tonne collection vehicle. Ronnie banks that stand empty for three consecutive months will be removed.

  • Collection & payment
    Collections and payment [photo]

    Collections are not done automatically. Each centre needs to call Mpact Recycling to arrange a collection as and when they have 30 bags of paper or when their paper bank is full. You will need to supply your GP code (supplied to you upon registration) when you log the collection. Once collected, we pay for every tonne of paper picked up. Payment terms are as per your Supplier registration form. A detailed remittance advice is sent at the time of payment via email.