Kerbside Collection

Kerbside collection only take place in certain designated areas in Gauteng.

Search for your suburb in the box below to find out your pickup day.

If we do not collect in your area - please go to our Ronnie Bank search page to locate the nearest Ronnie Bank for you to dispose of your paper recycling. In this way you will be helping your local school, church or community centre to raise funds through your donation.

Download your Kerbside Paper Pick-Up Programme and calendar.

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  • Keep you Mpact collection calendar on your fridge with a magnet
  • Speak to your family about recycling and the difference they can make to our planet and our economy
  • Host green dinner parties and street events
  • Challenge your neighbours to better your family's efforts

Getting started

Start small:

Ease into recycling by setting up a simple system. This small start could take the form of keeping paper and paper packaging in your Ronnie Bags next to your dustbin or could take the form of an additional container, box or bin near your dustbin, which will make separation of recyclables effortless.

Even if you begin with just one material, like paper, and later add other recyclables like cans, plastic and glass you will make a difference to already overflowing landfills and help create jobs.


  • Separate your paper waste from your other waste
  • Keep your waste paper clean and dry
  • Get to know what is recyclable and what is not

Get savvy:

How you collect and store your recyclables will determine to a large extent your next steps.

Contact representatives:
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  • Ronnie Bags
    Ronnie bag on kerb [photo]

    If you have collected your paper and paper products in a Ronnie Bag — in Gauteng — place your bag on the pavement outside your house on collection days. Collections are done every week or bi-weekly from the kerbside on scheduled Mpact paper pick-up days, which may vary from suburb to suburb. Please check out the Mpact Recycling kerbside collection calendar to confirm collection dates if we are in your area.

  • Wheelie Bins
    Wheelie bin [photo]

    If you have stored your paper and paper products in larger containers or wheelie bins, you can take your recyclables to your closest paperbank, school or community centre, where you would be helping them raise funds. Alternatively you could take your recyclables to a drop-off or buy-back centre in your area.

    Townhouse complexes can purchase wheelie bins for paper collection from their nearest Mpact Recycling office.

  • Support informal collectors

    If you are not in an area where we run Ronnie Bag collection and cannot get to a drop-off or buy-back centre, separate your recyclables from general waste and leave them in a transparent bag next to your refuse bin on waste collection days. This helps many informal collectors who often have to wade through tonnes of trash every day. Informal collectors earn a living selling recyclable waste.

Save by:

  • reducing the amount of waste you create
  • becoming a conscious consumer by buying only what you need
  • buying products that can be reused and buying products with little or no packaging.

Mpact Recycling continues to work diligently with various stakeholders including government, business and consumers to further improve recycling rates. Paper consumed in people's homes and offices represents the biggest opportunity to grow paper recycling in South Africa.