If your office has more than 30 employees, then you qualify for our office collection programme. If you have fewer employees please support your local community with your paper. Paperbank search


  • Run a paper drive every quarter
  • Promote recycling by including information and resources on intranets and in newsletters
  • Host green meetings and green events
  • Challenge other offices of similar size to meet and beat your team's collection
  • Celebrate National Recycling Day every September

Getting started

Rally support:

Appoint a Green Ambassador who will be responsible for implementing and overseeing the programme. Then ensure everyone at the office knows how the recycling project works. Rally support by keeping members of staff up to date on how they can help green the workplace and the impact they can make.


Not only can we equip the office with bags and Ronnie office recyclers, we provide a confidential shredding service at most of our Mpact Recycling branches to assist with the disposal of confidential documentation. These are managed and accessed by authorised personnel only.

    • Office recyclers
      Office recycling [photo]

      Should you require our Ronnie office recyclers for the easy separation and storage of paper and plastics for offices, you can purchase and collect these from us.

    • Bags
      Bags [photo]

      We can supply 30 bags in which to store the recyclables, which are collected when all 30 bags are full.



By recycling with Mpact Recycling, your company can lower its carbon footprint and help green South Africa. We also make a generous annual donation to the SPCA and Hospice on a-rand-a-tonne basis from the materials collected from your office.

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