Small Business


  • Start small and build up your business. You can start with a small space and grow with your business
  • Consider collecting a variety of waste materials such as paper, plastics, cans, and glass to increase your business’ profitability
  • Advertise your business in the community by telling people about the benefits of recycling

Getting started


Investing in a small, medium or micro enterprise is investing in South Africa’s environmental future, the economy as well as assisting with job creation. Recycling is an essential part of lowering the waste that is going to our landfills, and making a positive and sustainable solution to the environment. Mpact Recycling offers a sustainable development programme where entrepreneurs are given the chance to start a business and flourish.

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Small businesses such as buy-back centres usually collect a variety of waste materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, cans, and glass, making the business profitable beyond paper recycling.