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Support your local school, church or community centre by dropping off your used paper products at one of our paper banks.

These igloo-shaped banks are placed in locations throughout the community, where anyone can deposit wastepaper. Find the paper bank nearest to you on our paperbank search page.

Remember using paper banks helps fund raising efforts and improve awareness while also greening the community.


Kerbside Pickup

We currently collect used paper products from the kerbs outside almost 200,000 homes in Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and Tshwane.

Mpact Recycling, formerly Mondi Recycling, has been offering householders this convenient and hassle-free collection service for over 20 years.

Collections are done every week from the kerbside on scheduled Mpact paper pick-up days, which may vary from suburb to suburb. The Mpact Recycling kerbside collection calendar page confirms collection dates.